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Hot Shot


This update is featuring porn star Dato Foland and a porn newcomer Flex. Dato is the VIP client and he sets his sites on the sexy waiter. He gives Flex a quick financial proposition and soon Flex is all his to enjoy. Dato is after Flex’s amazing, muscled ass, and once he gets his hands on it he snifs it, licks it and fucks it like never before. Enjoy Dato and Flex making one of the hottest pairings you’ve ever seen at MEN AT PLAY TUBE

Teachers Pet


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Logan Moore is a stunning blue eyed guy who works as a top executive, so he is always sharply dressed and punctual. Today he got to the office on time, same as his housemate Nick North. His hand starts discovering Logan’s ass and he even uses a finger to play with Nick’s hole. Soon Logan is having Nick’s cock in his mouth, giving him a proper sucking! See the whole movie and all scenes at MENATPLAY MOVIE



Flex is a newcomer and he is getting very popular, but there’s still one final test he needs to pass – and that’s getting the thumbs up from the Alpha Boss himself! The Alpha Boss is well known for demanding ‘favours’ from his staff. So when Flex meets Caleb, he knows exactly what his job is. He goes down on his knees to give Caleb the best blow job he’s ever had. Enjoy watching Flex and his cock fest at MEN AT PLAY VIDEO

Double Strike


Logan Moore is a young executive and he is going to take the full force of two heavy weights in the Menatplay Arena. Before the fight starts, Jessy Ares is coaching his Number 1 man Roca. They are into the preparation when cocky, young upstart walks in and offers them a deal to fix the match. But Jessy is not interested in Logan’s dirty games, instead he pushes him to his knees and forces his fat cocks deep in his throat! See more at MENATPLAY